Tel Aviv

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tel Aviv

On the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea Tel Aviv is located - a city surrounded by beaches that is a little more than a century old, a city in which high-rise blocks and narrow seaside streets are successfully combined.Tel Aviv is a rapidly developing city in different directions (transport, economy, trade). A large number of restaurants, hotels, business centers, foreign embassies and educational institutions are concentrated here. The city has museums and galleries, as well as temples with interesting architecture.There are many high-rise buildings in Tel Aviv, on the 49th floor of one of them there is an observation deck - the real pride of the city! Having risen to the penultimate floor of the high-rise, gaze opens to magnificent views of Tel Aviv - a truly spectacular sight. There is also a restaurant that will delight guests with a variety of delicious dishes.There are many parks in Tel Aviv, one of which is the Yarkon Park - it is where concerts with world stars take place.

1. Tel Aviv Beaches

Alma Beach in Tel Aviv

Alma Beach is one of the most secluded in Tel Aviv and is definitely one of the nicest. This is the last beach south of the city, right before the end of Tel Aviv and the beginning of Jaffa. Lying in the sand and enjoying the sunshine, you can simultaneously enjoy a beautiful view of Old Jaffa, its port and towers.Located: Tel Aviv, Shlomo Lahat Promenade

Banana Beach in Tel Aviv

Beach "Banana Beach" is named after a nice cafe. This beach is quite cute, but simple: there are no special infrastructural charms here. It is popular with young families and not too noisy friendly companies. Tel Aviv, Str. Herbert Samuel, 22

Tel Aviv Dolphin Beach

This famous beach is located next to place that was once a dolphinarium, and now has become a nightclub. The beach is very pleasant, in the northern part of it (Banana Beach) there is a very calm atmosphere of “shanty”. And closer to the south is the surf club, where you can do a lot of things.Tel Aviv, Shlomo Lahat Promenade

Gordon and Frishman Beaches in Tel Aviv

Perhaps this beautiful sandy strip is the most popular beach in Tel Aviv. Here you can choose between sun beds and umbrellas or just lay on the sand, so that everyone can sit in accordance with their own finances and preferences.Tel Aviv, Str. Ha-Yarkon, 136

Hilton Beach Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach is located between the religious beach and Gordon Beach and got its name by the name of the hotel, which is nearby. This beach is extremely popular among various groups of Tel Aviv residents including dogs.Tel Aviv, Independence Park, Str. Hayarkon, 205

2. Jaffa

In ancient times it was the main port city of Israel, at present - the artistic and historical center of Tel Aviv. Jaffa attracts a huge number of tourists. The city of Jaffa has a centuries-old history, during which it was conquered many times and constantly changed. It is believed that here Noah’s ark was built, and Andromeda was freed by Perseus. Today Jaffa is a popular place among tourists who love to stroll slowly through its streets, where an indescribable mysterious atmosphere reigns. There are many restaurants, markets, galleries, museums. There is also an underground museum, which presents numerous objects found during archaeological excavations.On the streets of Jaffa, one can always see a lot of creative people, for example, in the afternoon here artists paint pictures, and in the evening musicians delight the passers-by with their compositions.Jaffa today is an incredible combination of antiquity and modernity, a quiet corner in the noisy Tel Aviv.

3. Dizengoff Circle & Surrounds

The center of Tel Aviv is the central Dizengoff Square, located on two levels with a raised platform for pedestrians above the roadway and topped with a kind of fountain of modern fire and water created by Israeli artist Yaakov Agam. From it departs Dizengoff Street - one of the central streets of Tel Aviv that is constantly full of life. There are a lot of various shops, boutiques and antique shops, between shops there are all kinds of bars, restaurants and cafes for any taste. Here you will also find the excellent pavilion of contemporary art by Elena Rubinstein, which hosts a program of temporary art exhibits.





4. Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was founded in 1932 on the initiative of the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, and was located in his house on Rothschild Boulevard.Art lovers should definitely go to this museum in Tel Aviv. Here you can not only get acquainted with the artistic heritage of Europe, but also learn more about Israeli painting and sculpture.It is considered one of the largest and most important art museums in Israel. The museum has the following departments: art of Israel, modern art, photography, drawing, graphics, design, architecture and art department of the XVI-XIX centuries.




5. Neve Tzedek Quarter 

Neve Tzedek is the first quarter of Tel Aviv, which begins to build as the suburbs of large Arab port of Jaffa. Over time, Tel Aviv has grown and already Jaffa is one of its districts. In Neve Tzedek there are several cafes and numerous art workshops and galleries. One of the attractions is the ballet school and the theater named after Susan Delal. There's also one of the best cafes in the city, where you can buy a delicious ice cream. You should find a house with climbing men, a house inlaid with broken plates and a monument to a cat carved from a stump.




6. Bialik Street

Bialik Street is located in the historic center of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, on the territory of the White City, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is its important center. It was founded as a connecting street between the first city municipality building and Allenby Street. It received its name in honor of the national poet of the country Haim Nachman Bialik.






7. Namal: The Old Port Area