8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Eilat

Eilat is a duty-free trade zone, and a prestigious year-round resort with a developed tourist infrastructure and a good hotel base. The main objects of pride of Eilat located in the driest region of Israel - is the sea, the mountains and the sun. And there is nothing surprising. The local coast of the Red Sea is an officially recognized nature reserve that knows how to cause delight among snorkeling and diving followers. The reserve of the Eilat Mountains has a good network of walking routes with beautiful views, passing along one of which you can reach the magnificent Red Canyon. Well and there’s nothing to say about the sun - the local climate warms tourists’ body and soul all year round.

6 things to do in Eilat

1. Thoroughly explore the northernmost coral reef and do not step on the sea urchin.

2. Find and taste the most exotic dish.

3. Ride an ostrich.

4. Explore "King Solomon's mines."

5. Tame the dolphin.

6. Find the hill and try to see from it neighboring Jordan and Egypt.

1. Underwater Observatory Marine Park

The park called the Underwater Observatory is the world's first underwater complex, which was established in 1975. Underwater Observatory is located 8 kilometers from the center of Eilat. Here at a depth of 6 meters opens amazing underwater world. It is here that the Japanese Gardens coral reef is located, one of the most beautiful beauties of the city. In its thickets live fish of different sizes, shades and colors, well, corals always arouse keen interest among tourists.

The white peaked tower of Eilat’s landmark is visible from afar, having climbed its observation platform along numerous steps; one can see several countries - Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan. Going down to the bar, you can enjoy exotic drinks and once again admire magnificent views.

The marine park also has a reef pool and an aquarium, as well as a pool for stingrays, sea turtles and sharks. When you visit this amazing place you can watch the feeding of animals and fish, but you should mention that the feeding takes place in strictly certain hours. During the meal time you can listen to explanation of the guide.

Here you can watch the diver, who descends into the aquarium in order to feed the fish. The dive takes place in a mask with headphones and a microphone, so a scuba diver can communicate with the guests during the feeding process.

Location: Coral Beach, Eilat

2. Timna Park

Timna National Park is a valley surrounded by steep, multi-colored rocks, sometimes reaching 850 m. Erosion has created intricate shapes of them: stone sphinxes, giant mushrooms, birds. Timna Park is the oldest copper mine in the world. Copper mining here began 6,000 years ago.

For a small fee, you can listen to a lecture, watch a film and take a tour by car in the Timna Valley, including viewing natural attractions: Mushroom, Arches, the temple of the goddess Hathor, carved in stone with various religious objects, the famous mines of King Solomon and, finally, the lake Timna, which is the center of entertainment for the whole family.

There are many walking routes in Timna Park, you can order camel rides, you can take a jeep ride, in any case, this trip among Solomon posts, through the Pink canyon and the copper smelter will be one of the most vivid impressions.

Location: 30 kilometers north of Eilat

3. Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef is a unique landmark located in Israel in the resort town of Eilat. It is a beach and part-time reserve, where visitors can enjoy sea bathing in the company of dolphins, watch and take pictures of their lives. Park opened in 1990. The total area of the reserve is 10,000 square meters its depth is 18 meters.

The reserve is located on the shores of the Red Sea. This is a unique ecological place where visitors can enjoy nature and landscapes, a secluded beach and communication with dolphins. At the same time, the group of bottlenose dolphins along with their babies born here, are engaged in their usual daily activities. They are not trained, and their living conditions are as close to natural as possible. For communication and observation of them for tourists are equipped special viewing platforms and bridges. 

For the convenience of visitors there is a food court in the reserve, which is represented by a restaurant and a bar with a panoramic view of the beach, and also a gift shop where one can buy souvenirs.

Location: South Beach, Eilat

4. Ice Space

Located on Eilat Promenade, close to the marina, Ice Space is an interesting attraction, that is perfect for cooling off during the midday heat in the city of Eilat. If the weather outside is too hot, and your body needs a break, then try to go to the Ice Space.

At the entrance to the palace you will be given a coat, gloves, hats and shoes. You will have 20 minutes to wander around the world of ice in Eilat, inside of which you will find an igloo, ice figures of polar bears and penguins, an ice slide and an ice bar serving ice drinks.

Ice Space is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 02:00, and on Sundays from 17:00 to 00:00.

Location: North Beach, Eilat

5. Coral Beach Reserve

The Coral Beach Reserve is one of the northernmost coral reefs in the world. Here, in the warm waters of the Red Sea, there are about 270 species of coral and two and a half thousand species of marine fauna. And this is one of the best places in Israel for scuba diving.

By itself, the coral reef stretches for 1200 meters along the coast. It consists of two parallel walls: one, in shallow water, goes down to a depth of 3-4 meters, the other, behind a wide strip of sandy bottom - about 35 meters. Between the walls of the reef under the water lie two huge rocks, "Jesus" and "Moses". In the southern part of the reserve in the depths of the sea go "Japanese Gardens" - the largest place in Eilat for scuba diving. At the very southernmost point of the reserve there is the famous “Underwater Observatory”, the largest public aquarium in the Middle East.

Coral Beach is a snorkeling lover’s dream: the depths are acceptable, the visibility is gorgeous, the rocks and coral walls are dotted with capricious caves, walkways, labyrinths, canyons. The waters of the lagoon are seething with tropical life: barracudas and manta rays, needle fish and moray eels, octopuses and lobsters are found here. In the thickets of corals live fish of countless shapes and colors. Sometimes you can meet sea turtles, from time to time dolphins swim here.

Location: Coral Beach, Eilat

6. Bird Watching Center

A unique place that you should definitely visit is the Bird Watching Center. This kind of rest will bring not only pleasure, but also benefit: seeing with your own eyes such a multitude of unique bird species in one reserve rarely succeeds.

The artificial landscape that was formed here is an ideal resting place for birds. They cross this area twice a year, migrating to hibernate in Africa and then back to nesting sites.

This center was founded by famous ornithologist from Israel Reuven Yosef. He is the head of the public organization “International Center for the Observation and Study of Birds”. With his help, a real park has grown on the land abandoned and unsuitable for existence, which to everything else adjoins the system of artificial ponds.

For the convenience of the tourists on the banks of both ponds wooden pavilions are built. Sitting on one shore, through thickets of plants you can watch cormorants and herons, coots, little grebes, as well as passing terns passing by. With the sunset you can admire the swallows dancing in the sky. On the other pond stilts, spur chibises, herbalists, sandpipers and many, many others will appear in front of you.

Location: 2 kilometers northeast of Eilat

7. King's City Theme Park

King’s City is an amusement park, but the building was built in the shape of a real royal palace! The park is designed both for adults and children. The plots of the local attractions are completely taken from the Bible. There are several cafes and restaurants in the park.

Main attractions:

• Journey to the past - a 3D movie that tells of ancient Egypt, the era of the pharaohs.

• The water channels of King Solomon - boat trip through the halls and galleries of King Solomon. Its length is about 700 m. Speaking dummies appear along the way along the boat; they tell stories from the life of King Solomon.

• Cave of Illusions - various attractions, labyrinths, illusions, curved mirrors. There are more than 70 attractions here, and it’s impossible to know what will be revealed in the next step, what is hidden around the corner...

• Biblical Cave - the elevator goes to the underground level, where in a mysterious cave near waterfalls and bridges constantly going performances that follow biblical scenes.

• Corridor of horrors - creepy corridor with scary ghosts, monsters, nightmares. To walk down the corridor means to check and demonstrate your courage.

You can wonder in this park for hours. It will provide a surge of emotion; will create a joyful mood for the visitor for the whole day.

Address: Antibes Road, Eilat

8. Beaches

What beach is better to choose in Eilat? Anyone! One of the main advantages of Eilat is 12 km of beautiful beaches. All of them are civil: there are sun beds, umbrellas and, as a rule, at least one coffee shop in sight. The resort is divided into two parts - North Beach and Coral Beach. There are sandy and pebbled beaches on the North Beach, and the name of the second part speaks for itself.

Migdalor beach

Migdalor Beach is the most popular among tourists. It is very cozy, there are free chairs and sun beds. The picturesque coral reef comes close to the shore, the bottom is rocky here, so the water is always very clear. There is a nice bar on the beach.

Dekel Beach

Another beach that is worth paying attention to is called Dekel. It is private, very well maintained. It is here that various beach parties, festivals, concerts, discos, weddings often take place, as the territory is large enough to accommodate a lot of people. Massage therapists work here during the day.

Beach at the Royal Beach Hotel

Almost every hotel has its own beach. Of course, luxury hotels are located in the first row of the coastline. One of these is the beach at the Royal Beach Hotel. It is very well maintained and clean. There are comfortable sun beds, chairs and pillows, and the waiters offer soft drinks.

Shmurat Almogim Beach

Diving enthusiasts have chosen the beach Shmurat Almogim. Here tourists can rent equipment for scuba diving, motor boats and boats. Experienced instructors will help you to make an unforgettable journey to the underwater expanses of the Red Sea.

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